End of Term Concerts

At the end of term, a short concert is given by all the children so that parents can see and hear what their child has learnt. The aim of each concert is to get the children used to performing in public. Whilst playing as part of a group the children can make friends with musicians from the different classes, encourage and motivate each other and most importantly enjoy playing.

Children from the various classes have played at school assemblies, St Patrick Day concerts and Multicultural Festivals throughout London boroughs. Public performances have included Waterman’s Art Theatre, 'Funday, Sunday' and the 'Respect Festival' organised by the Mayor of London, playing at Kensington Gardens and The Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms. Groups have also played on the stage at Trafalgar Square as part of the St Patrick's Day celebrations.

We were really delighted in early summer when the group were invited to appear at the National Finals of the Music for Youth Festival taking place in Birmingham and travelled  by coach which was sponsored by one of the parents.

On the day we played at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in the International Section of the festival. The other groups included folk and English music, African Drumming, Steel bands as well as an Indian Dohl group. At the end of the day, the panel of five judges awarded our group a highly commended place (one of only two prizes awarded). This was a great surprise to the children who were the youngest group performing on the day.