Is í teanga an anam an ceol.
Music is the language of the soul.

The London Irish Music School offers lessons to children where they start by learning simple airs, marches and dance tunes on the tin whistle, which is a very easy and inexpensive instrument to play.  The classes are run by a qualified Irish Music Teacher, Colette Keaveney, with a suppport tutor to help with small groups, as needed, at the Saturday class.

The beginner classes are structured in small groups.  For the very young child, aged 6-7, the main emphasis is on holding a tin  whistle, being able to cover the holes, produce a sound and start to play easy tunes.

The children in the junior age range are usually able to pick up the basic principles of playing music quicker and are encouraged to progress onto polkas, marches, jigs and reels.

The main aim is to get the children playing first and then when they are feel confident to learn the  basic concepts of music theory and begin to read music.  As pupils move onto more complicated jigs, reels and hornpipes, they can incorporate ornamentaiton to their repertoire and also choose to take up the main instrument of their choice, eg banjo, button accordian, concertina fiddle, flute or mandolin.